Why Choose Us ?

What is BolDe

Whether reading reviews of dating apps, writing about your experience at a hospital or using our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to find the best furniture store only on the basis of ‘After Sales Support’, our goal is to make BolDe.in a one-stop-shop for social reviews across all categories of online and offline businesses. We want to simplify your buying decisions by taking out uncertainty from expected quality, outcome, pricing and all other aspects of a transaction between consumer and business.

We believe everyone deserves to make smart decisions based on unbiased feedback and research-driven information. Consumers need a trusted and neutral platform like BolDe.in where they can share their experiences of dealing with various types of businesses - both good or bad. Unlike other review sites, we don’t aggregate reviews of a single category like food or hospitality – we currently list businesses from 79 different categories and soon plan to become a social review platform for everything under the sky!

Another truly unique feature of BolDe.in is our ability to display ratings and reviews from highly Trusted Consumers. These are users of our platform who have verified identities, consistent social contribution and have not been flagged for suspicious behavior. Essentially ensuring thousands of real reviews posted by real people across business categories ranging from healthcare to education to neighborhood services and further - pushing for exception customer experience.

Our Team

Minni Kataria

Strategy Advisor

Minni oversees all aspects of BolDe's business as a Strategy Advisor. She holds this position due to her diverse expereince of previously working with world class organizations like Ernst & Young Pvt Ltd, Religare Securities. She holds an MBA in Finance & Marketing.

Nidhi Singh


Nidhi Singh is one of the co-founders of BolDe.in, an aggregator platform for social reviews & ratings. Nidhi has a diverse professional background. She is also an MBA and a CFA. Nidhi is driven by objectivity yet passionate about her work. She wants to make BolDe.in India’s largest and most trusted platform for business ratings & reviews.

Vikram Malhotra


Vikram Malhotra is co-founder of BolDe.in Prior to boarding, Vikram worked as a senior management consultant. His expertise cover technology, devlopment of new markets in Asia and business management. He holds an MBA from Fore School of Management, Delhi. 

How Bolde Works?

By using BolDe.in , businesses which provide quality service can stand out from the crowd and enhance their customer base by reflecting higher ratings received from people who have experienced their services. On the other hand, people can use our platform to identify, and based on user generated ratings engage or avoid businesses to deal with. With complete certainty, our users can differentiate a good business from bad and avoid the hassle of experiencing lousy service. The idea behind creating BolDe.in came from how consumer decisions are made every day. Everyday decisions are made by consumers on the basis of experience (past dealing with a business) or information (recommendations from family, friends or neighbours). There are often times when we have neither experience (first time buying furniture or getting your car serviced) nor information to make the right buying decisions. We believe traditional directories only let us search for service providers and businesses that advertise the most, generally end-up becoming the most obvious choice of consumers. But as a consumer, how do we identify a good business from the rest? Based on past experience or someone’s recommendation and if all else fails through some unorganized / unreliable online review… Isn’t it?

BolDe.in, through its user generated content steps in by helping consumers get consolidated reviews and opinions about various services through a transparent platform. Users share their experiences on our portal, either good or bad and our platform logically provides it to assist other consumers distinguish between good and bad service providers. According to a research conducted recently by India’s apex Internet Association - IAMAI, more than 60% of Internet users in India believe that online reviews greatly influence their choice.

Now imagine if you always had this information in the palm of your hand. Available anytime, anywhere and gathered from verified consumers like you! That’s exactly where BolDe.in fits in.