How to Leave Reviews & Ratings

Motive behind writing a review is to help others find the right business. What good is a review if it doesn’t help anyone?  In order to justify your opinion, you need to give reasonable points. It’s important to be honest while conveying your experience with the business. We empower people to help others to make better informed decisions.

It’s important to convey your story with information that is relevant. While it is nice to include the name, date, or the way you decided an order, it is irrelevant to mention the color of your shirt or the company of your jeans or the weather outside (unless the shirt or the jeans are from the store). Be insightful, share something which isn’t available anywhere else like the new modal of JBL speakers are available at a particular store or special section of a book store where you can find second hand books at a much cheaper price. Every review should be a brief about the unique experience. Be realistic and describe your experience rather than just saying that the cake that you had was out of the world or it’s the worst cake present in the universe.

The most common mistake everyone makes is that they target their review to a person, who is just a temporary part of the organization. We don’t know if he will stick around till the next time you visit. While it is tempting to praise a sales man who cracked you a great deal on your new car, it is almost irrelevant. The sales person might get promoted to the position of a manager or can leave the organization he was working for, in both the cases your review is outdated and almost useless for the people who read it.

There is no certainty that every experience will end on a happy note. There might be times where you would want to share a negative feedback but remember a good review is a type of review which will help others who come along with it. Typing a review filled with rage, including sarcasms might make you feel better but will show the vulnerability of the emotions that probably won’t be useful. Don’t be rude, make your criticism constructive. Business owner tend to learn from a negative review but they will only consider a change if you are respectful.

It is important to use proper sentences, be grammatically correct, avoid spelling mistakes. People tend to get distracted if they see an obvious grammar or spelling mistake. If you want people to take you seriously then your review should be intelligently drafted otherwise people will believe that you aren’t serious about the review

If you want people to take you more seriously, it’s important for you to mention your credentials. Writing two lines about yourself will help users to trust you better. Stay open for arguments, if anyone doesn’t agree with the points you stated in the review.

Being considerate about a business can help readers of your review perceive you as impartial and practical. Your experience, good or bad, cannot change now but by understanding possible outcomes will make your review more authentic.

We encourage people to share their experience with a business, so that others visiting the business can be aware of the possible outcomes. People tend to review a business without even experiencing the business, this is not a platform for such commentary. We want users to experience before judging a business.