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20th August 2018

The Beauty SpaBy Meenu Chawla

The Beauty Spa

The Beauty Spa in Dwarka Sector 7 was established in 2016 by Mr Arya. It is a top player in the category of Body Massage Centres in Delhi. Complete physical and mental health is best achieved through a holistic lifestyle approach.   They offer different type of massages i.e. Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Massage etc.

Spas today immediately conjure up in one’s mind images of a relaxing environment with one dressed in a robe and Osho slippers listening to soothing music, sipping herbal concoctions and eating healthy designer meals. Life is supposed to be simplified in a spa with no distractions and work obligations focusing just on the well-being of the client. Today there are different kinds of spas – health spas, detoxification spas, day spas, retreat spas, beauty spas and resort spas. They all have one thing in common though – the rejuvenation of the human body.

The fast paced life of today and the resulting stresses have resulted in the need and desire for effective relaxation to counter these everyday pressures. With time scarce as it is, people are looking for miracle treatments that can rejuvenate them instantly. Beauty spas are about instant rejuvenation quite like the instant Maggie mix that we are familiar with. Treatments in beauty spas are designed not just to work fast but to also provide visible results. The beauty spa provides with many different treatments like sunbathing, mud bathing, massages, pack treatments, hydrotherapy, beauty treatments, and fitness regimes. 

With less time available these days for relaxation the spas are increasingly becoming popular so the idea behind the beauty spa is to be able to get mental and spiritual harmony realigned in a spa.

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Behind Maxfort School, Chander Vihar, Sector 7 

Dwarka New Delhi-110075


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Phone:  +91- 8076031909